AmysGames Entertainment isn't just for games: you can also find comics, videos, and more! Here you can find an index of all of AmysGames' non-game content.


Aiiro No Kunoichi

Comic — Latest update: 11/18/17
Sanori Minosei is a teenaged high school student from Japan, but she is more than meets the eye—she carries on the legacy of her fathers as the vigilante ninja warrior, Aiiro No Kunoichi. But when her family moves to America, she has to start all over again. Follow the story of Sanori's life as she faces all new foes, and all new adventures! Updates Saturdays.

Niji Chikara

Animation — Coming Soon!
When four entirely different girls are hit by a magical light, they wake up as anime-style magical girls, where they find themselves in what promises to be a very cliché battle against the forces of evil. Join our eccentric heroines as they face off against powerful villains and save the day!
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1st Anniversary Video

Annimation — Anniversary 2008
AmysGames' first anniversary is coming up and A.G. doesn't know what to do! This calls for a planning meeting!

Gloria's Backstory

Comic — Backstory Month 2009
Look back at the earlier years of Gloria Rosebloom's life, long before the events of Mundus Concordia.

Villain Week 2010

Comic — Villain Week 2010
Villain Week approaches, and AmysGames' resident villains decide it's their turn to run the site for a while.

Cap'n Merritt's Backstory

Comic — Backstory Month 2010
Cap'n Merritt from Aiiro No Kunoichi tells us the amazing story of how he got his hat! Full of pirates, krakens, and sexy mermaids galore!

Maggie's Backstory

Comic — Backstory Month 2011
Magmis, the Elemental Wari, was charged with the task of teaching and protecting The Legendary Female, a daunting duty for sure. But little did she know, this would lead her to learn more about life than she ever could have imagined.

4th Anniversary Video

Animation — Anniversary 2011
The fourth anniversary is coming up, and A.G. has no plans again. Or does she?

Villain Hero Week 2012

Comic — Villain Week 2012
Villain Week is here again, but the heroes think their foes are hogging the spotlight! What will they do?

Aiiro No Ninja: The Legacy

Comic — Backstory Month 2012
This is the story of a ninja, a continuing legacy, and a young couple's hardships. Join Makoto Minosei as he explains the origins of his daughter Sanori as the Aiiro No Kunoichi.

Villain Week 2013

Comic — Villain Week 2013
The villains are determined to have their big party this year, but A.G. wants them to get their own supplies. Hilarity ensues!

Ceresa's Backstory

Comic — Backstory Month 2013
Follow the story of young Ceresa, leading up to the events in Larissa's Great Adventure.

The Fall of Sesrina

Comic — Backstory Month 2014
Long ago, a powerful sorceress named Sesrina watched over the land of Curissya. But one day, that changed...

Rising Darkness

Comic — Backstory Month 2015
It was a normal day in Taishoki City... and then the darkness came, and everything changed.

Villain Week 2016

Comic — Villain Week 2016
It's time for another Villain Week, and Merritt has decided to invite the new villains this year. What sort of shenanigans will our beloved baddies get into this time?

RedFlash's Backstory

Comic — Backstory Month 2016
When A.G. runs low on Backstory Month ideas, she decides to let RedFlash do his own backstory comic. What could go wrong?

Hero Week 2017

Comic — Villain Week 2017
Things seem awfully quiet this year as Villain Week rolls around, but what to do? Well, perhaps the heroes can step in and have a proper Hero Week this year!

Philippa's Backstory

Comic — Backstory Month 2017 — New!
In the world of Noen, where humans fear the incredible power of magic, a forsaken people struggles just to survive.