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After that video of me drawing panel 2 of page 16, I felt obligated to continue on to show how I add the dialogue! My screen record tool didn't feel like working, however, so instead we get a tutorial.

Anyway, after scanning and pasting all the panels into comic format, I open it up in my (really old version of!) Adobe Photoshop, which is where I do the dialogue. Thanks to page 30 for being such a willing model. ^_~

Before even thinking about the speech bubbles, I put in the text. I actually copy-paste the dialogue straight from the comic's script.

Copying the dialogue from the comic script

Then I create a new layer just for text, then use the type tool to add it in. I paste the line I copied earlier into the text box, and add line breaks where I see fit.

Creating a text layer Adding the text

I use the move tool to put the text wherever I want it, then it's rinse and repeat with the rest of the dialogue.

A line from the script includes italics

As I pointed out in the above image, sometimes I'll want to add italics. But in Photoshop (or at least in 5.0 LE), the text styles effect the entire text block, which means I'm going to have to use some trickery.

Old Photoshop can only style the entire text box at once

First I paste in the line and align it as usual, ignoring the italics. Once I have the text where I want it, that's when I open up the type tool again and type in just the part of the line I want in italics. Then I move the italicized word on top of the non-italicized word, and delete the latter. Then I adjust the spacing of the rest of the line to fit the new italicized part. The move tool and arrow keys come in handy here.

Adding a special layer for the italicized text Moving the italicized text on top of the original text Deleting the unitalicized text from the original layer

Then I merge down the two new text layers, so all the text is on the same layer for simplicity's sake.

Merging the layers

I usually do Magmis' dialogue last, because she has a different text color. So after I'm done with everyone else's dialogue, I open up a file named "Wari colors" which I store Magmis, Mystis, and all the rest of the Wari's font colors in.

Grabbing Magmis' text color from my color doc

Other than that, adding Magmis' text is exactly like adding everyone else's text. I just have to make sure I'm using red-orange instead of black. ^_^

Adding Magmis' text

Finally, it's time to add the speech bubbles. This is where I make a new layer underneath the text, which I simply title "bubble."

Creating a speech bubble layer

Then I use the marquee tool to make a circle around the text, and then fill in the entire selection with black.

Creating an elliptical marquee around the text Filling in the marquee with black (on the bubble layer)

Now you're probably thinking "whut? But now you can't see the text at all! D:" Well, my friends, just keep watching. This is where I go into the select menu, under modify, and then click "contract." Then I will contract the selection by two pixels, and fill in the result with white. Ta-da! Now you can see the text again.

Contract selection Contract by 2 pixels Fill the contracted selection with white

After doing this with the rest of the lines, I add lines that point to who's talking. This is easy enough; just use the line tool.

Set line width to two pixels

Finally, some of you may be asking, "but what about Magmis? Her speech bubbles are different!" Well, to get the thought bubble look, you have to use multiple circles. I swap out black with Magmis' font color once again, and then use the marquee tool and select part of Magmis' line, like so.

Create an elliptical marquee around part of Magmis' text

Then I hold down the shift button, and click and drag to add more circles to the selection, until the entire line is surrounded with a cloud-like thought bubble.

Overlapping elliptical marquees for the desired effect

Beyond that, the technique for Magmis' speech bubble is pretty much the same. Fill in the selection with orange-red, contract by two pixels, then fill in the contracted selection with white. I don't add lines to Magmis' speech bubbles, since the font color is plenty signification of who's speaking.

Fill in the marquee with Magmis' text color Fill the contracted selection with white

And that's it! ^_^ Feel free to steal this technique for your own comics if you desire, and have a good day!