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This is a page about the Mundus Concordia timeline, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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I count the years of my timelines around the game of origin, so 6 BM is six years before the events of Mundus Concordia (Chapter 1). Be warned that unmarked spoilers may be present here!

Mundus Concordia Timeline

36 BM Thomas Rosebloom born
35 BM Nick Houton born
34 BM Jenda Rosebloom born
Paula Houton born
33 BM General Donovan born
32 BM Colonel Maurize born
27 BM Colonel Karet born
Colonel Tonnet born
24 BM Colonel Renauld born
16 BM Vallen Hawkeye born
Philippa born
15 BM Sharay born
14 BM Almodine Werr born
12 BM Gloria Rosebloom born
Maggie's Backstory (pages 1-3)
11 BM Maria Houton born
9 BM Gloria's Backstory (pages 1-9)
Thomas Rosebloom goes missing
Maggie's Backstory (page 4)
8 BMPhilippa's Backstory (pages 1-9)
6 BM Gloria's Backstory (pages 10-31)
Maggie's Backstory (pages 5-9)
Gloria injured, receives powers
4 BM Philippa's Backstory (pages 10-19)
Sharay dies
MC Philippa's Backstory (pages 20-31)
Maggie's Backstory (pages 10-31)
Gloria transported to Muilic
Mundus Concordia (Chapter 1)