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This is a page about the Larissa's Great Adventure timeline, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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I count the years of my timelines around the game of origin, so 2 BL is six years before the events of Larissa's Great Adventure. Be warned that unmarked spoilers may be present here!

Larissa's Great Adventure Timeline

?? BL The Fall of Sesrina (pages 1-30)
34 BL Derek Roald born
Clint Jeniver born
32 BL Mary Jeniver born
30 BL Shayla Roald born
29 BL Sanry born
28 BL Erron Arvont born
10 BL Ceresa's Backstory (pages 1-6)
Derek Roald dies
Ceresa Roald born
Larissa Jeniver born
9 BL The Fall of Sesrina (page 31)
6 BL Partners
Sanry opens weapons shop
2 BL Villain Week 2015 - Queen Moriella
Ceresa's Backstory (pages 7-29)
Shayla Roald dies
LGA Ceresa's Backstory (pages 30-31)
Villain Week 2015 - Sanry
Larissa's Great Adventure