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What's New

AmysGames now has a Patreon! Things are still under construction, so hopefully you'll see some cool stuff there soon, but in the meantime, any support would be greatly appreciated.

And that's the end of chapter 2 of Aiiro No Kunoichi! I've decided that there won't be a comic next week to give me some time to prep for chapter 3. See you on the 29th!

And happy Easter tomorrow, for those of you who celebrate it! Here's to baskets full of delicious candy.

Today is Aiiro No Kunoichi's 9th anniversary! To celebrate, a new sketch has been added to the sketchbook!

And with that, Hero Week draws to a close. What a ride! Hope you all enjoyed that!

Villain Week is officially on! Except, hm, the villains don't seem to be doing much this year. Perhaps the heroes can do something, instead?