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What's New

Due to some poor planning on my part, there will be no new Aiiro No Kunoichi page this week. In the meantime, Mimi's concept sketches have been added to the sketchbook!

Happy Halloween from AmysGames! Hope you have a spooky day filled with lots of delicious candy. Also, be sure to check out the Halloween drawing I did for Aiiro No Kunoichi here!

And Aiiro No Kunoichi is back! Again, sorry for the delay—drawing all those background characters gets a bit exhausting, haha.

No Aiiro No Kunoichi page this week—it's pretty obvious that I've been falling further and further behind schedule with the comic, and I think it's about time I take a short break so I can catch up with the scripts and such. But no worries, we should be back next week!