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What's New

Villain Week is officially on! Except, hm, the villains don't seem to be doing much this year. Perhaps the heroes can do something, instead?

I forgot to mention it last night, but there will be no new Aiiro No Kunoichi pages today or next week because of Villain Week. That said, Villain Week 2017 will be starting tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

03/11/17 (again)
And the new Aiiro is up! Sorry again for the delay!

Hey guys! It's been kind of a busy week, so today's Aiiro No Kunoichi won't be up until hopefully sometime in the morning. Sorry for the delay!

If you ever wanted a new way to check out AmysGames' comics, I've created a Tapastic account! I'm going to be reuploading some of my old comics there, so check it out if you like.